We Are Putting You Under Climate Pressure !

, par Claudio

Vendredi 29 novembre 15h à 18h

Chambre des Députés Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

The climate law is coming ! Let’s meet on 29th November at 3pm in front of the Chambre des Députés. Let’s tell them that we care about the climate law, a plan that will either break or make our future on this planet !

Why are we mobilising on 29th November and why should you join us ?

The National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) need to be presented to the European Commission by December 31st and the Luxembourgish government has yet to present its plan to the public and not even the Chambre. The plan needs to ensure that the views of citizens are met, therefore we need to make our voices heard.

This is our last chance to tell them that we want the policies to be on the same level as the crisis itself. We need to put them under pressure, this is an emergency and the politicians need to take their job seriously. We must act now.

We need a plan that will take in consideration the scientific fact of the current situation we are facing and our demands of a just environment, climate and society. The climate crisis is a social crisis and we must fight for it. If it is not dealt with correctly, we as a generation will pay the price.

Come join us we will put them under climate pressure !
The climate law is going to the Chambre and so are we !

Come join us outside the Chambre des Députés :
- Bring warm, weather appropriate clothes
- Camping chairs
- Blankets
- & Cups for tea

It’s a peaceful and non-violent action !
You are free to leave whenever you want !